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Winter Outfit Planning from Scratch

Are you one of those people who has lots of clothes but nothing to wear?

Are you at the stage of winter where you're "over " your tried and true outfits and want to get more value out of your existing clothes without having to buy more?

Does your bedroom resemble a bomb site when you leave for work because of all the tried and discarded clothes strewn around, after which you end up settling on the same old go to outfits anyway?

Try this easy formula to make creating new outfits easier -

  • Start with the weather - basic I know but at this time of year there's a big difference between an 8 degree day and a 14 degree day. On the latter you might get away with layering a lighter item.

  • What are you doing that day/night? Work, lunch with a friend, dinner out, an afternoon film? This will determine which area of your wardrobe to "shop" from. (If you've organised your wardrobe that way) - see how here.

  • Choose a "key" piece - a dress, some great trousers, a cool skirt. (We always do this in visual merchandising as a starting place or "base" for an outfit).

  • Add friends - what can you add for some contrast, texture or colour that you don't usually wear with that piece? A bold coloured top that isn't your usual go to, a longline or textured cardigan, a blazer in a contrasting colour or pattern and so on.

  • Accessorise - what boots or shoes do you have languishing in the back of your wardrobe that you haven't worn for a while or with that particular skirt, dress or trouser? is there a scarf or necklace that would pull it all together? A coloured bag that could add some fun? A hat or beanie that would keep you warm and add another element to the outfit?

  • Finish it off with the outer layer - if like me, you've collected a decent amount of coats and jackets for the Welly winter over the years and looked after them so they're still in great condition, choose one that complements what's underneath while still adhering to the weather for that day and what activities you'll be doing but mix it up! Try the fake fur you save for nights out as day wear or the long wool number over a shorter skirt. Layering lengths can add proportion and interest to your winter style.

Sunday night wardrobe workout: - OK so this might sound OTT or excessive, (and it probably is), but I like to plan my outfits on a Sunday night for my week over winter because let's face it - who doesn't want extra time in bed on a cold morning.

I check the long range weather, (which BTW is quite accurate), think of my activities for each day - meetings, going out after work, then create my outfits for the week. I then hang them on the back of the bedroom door, (for my husband to continually walk into), or on a rail, (which you can buy cheaply at Briscoes).

By doing this each week, I'm more likely to make new outfits, because I'm not in a hurry and can get creative and I'm organised for the week without having to use precious brain power in the morning.

If you need more help with getting your perfect wardrobe together or anything else fashion and style related contact me to for a confidential chat on where you're at and where you need to go for optimum style savviness and confidence.

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