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How to Op Shop The Savvy Way - Follow Up

Fashion is about clothes - style is about the wearer". So after my last blogs on finding your style and op shopping the savvy way - I decided to walk the talk on a recent road trip and follow my own rules and this is how it turned out: My style words: Urban, Elegant, 70's retro, Parisian vibe - (I made that one up). Gaps in my wardrobe:

  • Skirts for work.

  • Summer cardigans in light colours, (preferably the old school Glassons style - you know the ones V neck and buttons on sleeves).

  • "Breton" style scoop neck striped tops after the 2 I bought at Cotton On 4 years ago finally wore out after much wear. They go with anything and add a bit of French panache - (well I think so anyway).

Modus operandi: Wait for husband to go get lunch in whatever town we are in and boom! - hit the thrift shops list in hand. I realise this comes across as sexist and some partners or travel companions will be happy to join you but not mine so you have to be strategic to allow for maximum thrifting time, lunch can wait. Result:

Pic one - The exact style and colour cardigan I was after and and an elegant skirt for work = $9 Pic two - Striped scoop neck tee, ( I got 2 actually), parisian vibe = $7 for both Pic three - Green dress - not on list but will be perfect for work and I have been wanting to wear more pattern. Platform wedges both 70's retro. Shoes as new and a fiver, dress from Recycle Boutique Mt Maunganui and a bit dearer at $27 but still original and fun.

Conclusion: So there you go, armed with your personal style words a list of what you are requiring op shopping can be a fun and efficient way to fill the gaps in your wardrobe and maybe score an extra treasure or two along the way for a song. (My total spend was under $50 and I got five items that i have incorporated into my wardrobe already). Remember: People of all shapes, sizes, styles and walks of life donate to charities and, if you have a clear picture of your personal styles and what you need to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, you can shop thoughtfully and with direction while exercising your creativity and saving money as well as the planet. If you found this helpful - follow me on social media and look out for my next blog in late January - "How to organise your wardrobe and wear all your clothes - all the time". For help with your wardrobe woes call me to book a free 1/2 hour assessment.

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