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Client Love

Hear It from Them

 I have never felt so fashionable funky and excited to pick my outfits! Work, down time and going out, I now feel fabulous 24/7.

Caught up with Di again to sort my colours and pick out some outfits.  Di has such a good eye and can easily identify what works and what doesn't .  She makes everything so much easier and even fun!  It's definitely worth investing in a session or two with Di, she's NZ's answer to Trinny and Susannah and genuinely wants the best for her clients.  Don't hesitate to give her a call. 

Linda McCrea (1).png

Diane Shaw is amazing and talented with a great eye for fashion on a budget. She is professional, down to earth and really listens.​ After our initial chat she went away and really thought about fashion solutions for me and the result is fantastic! - Di, I can't thank you enough for making me style savvy - I love your work." -

Nicki Wilford

Suddenly thrust into the public eye with the imminent release of "Angie", a film about my life, I was conscious of the fact that I put no effort into how I looked.  Preferring hand-me-downs, I rarely spent money on clothes and felt most comfortable in Jeans and Jerseys.  With a fast approaching photoshoot for "North and South" magazine, I engaged the services of Style Savvy to assist with presentation.  Diane showed me how to build outfits around pieces in my wardrobe I like, encouraging me to let go of things that didn't suit me.  We added several colours that I would not have considered wearing and I now have layering options to stay warm and yet still look stylish.  Through the process I learnt to value myself by taking time to create my style and invest in clothing I love wearing.  I feel confident stepping forward into this weeks Interview on "The Project" and the nationwide screenings of my film at the Film Festival which I will be attending to participate in Q&A sessions.  A massive thank you to Diane and Style Savvy - you really know your stuff and you rock!!!" 

Angie Mielklejoh


Diane is adept at identifying your style personality and best colours and shapes then works with the clothes you already own and love, sorting the stars from the duds, suggesting additions and new combinations while adhering to your lifestyle and budget.
​The shopping trip was fun, inexpensive and everything I bought co -ordinates with and adds new life to my existing wardrobe.  I'm now confident and clear about my personal style and inspired by my own creativity with outfits.

Monica Kowalska

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