Style Review
Wardrobe Consultation
Shopping Trip

Free Style Review 

30 mins  Free

​This is an informal, no obligation chat and is how I identify your wardrobe needs and individual style as well as setting clear objectives for tailoring the wardrobe consultation should you decide to go ahead.

​I offer this for free because I genuinely want you to get the most out of a style session.  Understanding what areas you are struggling with, ensures you get the best value from your session.

Wardrobe Consultation 

1-2 hours    $75 per hour

A fun and inspiring delve into your wardrobe to create new outfits ensuring we meet the objectives we set in the assessment and adhering to your lifestyle and unique style personality.  We'll uncover the gems, remove what no longer works.  Then work out what to purchase - to add the most value to your wardrobe, while adhering to your budget.

I email you a personalised summary so you don't need to remember everything  and can carry on building outfits confidently.

Shopping Trip

1-2 hours   $75 per hour

An optional follow up to a wardrobe consultation, we fill the gaps to optimise your outfit options working with your personal style and playing with trends to keep it current.

​I am not affiliated with any particular brand or shopping centre and am happy to cater to your budget as we add value to your existing wardrobe and ensure you're confident shopping and creating your own original looks going forward.

Illustrations by Megan Hess

I genuinely want you to feel great in what you wear and be confident to own your style 

I Will
I Won't
  • Start with a free no obligation assessment to establish rapport and set clear objectives for the consultation saving you time and adding value to our time together.​​

  • Listen to you and clear the confusion to uncover your style direction as well as identifying which areas you need the most help in so we can maximise the results of the consultation.

  • ​Tailor the session to your requirements, lifestyle, tastes and budget. 

  • Send you a summary of the session and give you easily actionable steps so you can have fun creating outfits and shopping for your style in future.  

  • Expect you spend a fortune - I'm not affiliated with any shopping centre or brand and am happy to cater to your budget when making suggestions of where to go to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. ​

  • Expect you to throw out everything in your wardrobe - unless you want to! I'm all about showing you how to wear what you own  in fresh ways and am adept at working out what few items will make the most difference and add the most value to your wardrobe. 

  • Judge you! This is a fun, professional session where you will feel comfortable, inspired and excited to get dressed.