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How to Organise Your Wardrobe & Wear All Your Clothes All The Time - Follow Up

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

​"Fashion is the voice we use to declare ourselves to the world" - Dawnn Karen - Fashion Psychologist

Here we are at the beginning of another month and, more pertinently to this blog, the end of #freshlooksfeb where I and a few of my colleagues wore something different every day for the month of February. - (Except jammies day at the weekend but that's a given).


I wanted to see if by re organising your wardrobe, (see January blog the-simple-way-to-organise-your-wardrobe-so-youll-start-wearing-all-your-clothes-all-the-time.html), you would view your clothes in a different way and therefore wear more of them, more of the time.

How'd it go?

The first two weeks were pretty much business as usual for me as I'm lucky enough to have a lot of clothes because:

They are my passion, they make my life better, and I love variety and compartmentalising for the different areas of my life.

I am a very savvy shopper and get a lot of bang for my buck by utilising sales, Trade Me, Designer Wardrobe, and Fashion Lane, where you can type in anything you're looking for and it brings up the cheapest place to get it online.

I love op shopping (not for everyone I know but if it is check out my November blog on doing it the savvy way) -

I look after all my clothes whether they're from the High Street, an Op Shop or something Ive invested in - they deserve the same care.

I know what suits me so don't tend to waste money buying things I won't wear. (If you need help with this part, call me for a free 1/2 hour assessment).

Back to fresh looks feb, as I said the first fortnight was a doddle and I wore pretty much what I would have worn anyway but after that it got a bit trickier and this is where the organised wardrobe came into play.

You would assume that as a stylist who specialises in creating new outfits for my clients from their existing wardrobe it would have been easy to take my own advice, but once the novelty wore off I found I'm as likely as the next person to go with the tried and true or grab the nearest thing, (especially on Monday mornings).

However - I couldn't let the team down and so made the effort and was surprised and delighted with

some of the things I found and some ideas I had about wearing things in a new way.

​​For example:

A mint green top I bought about 10 years ago and dressed up with mint green platforms to wear to a fashion show at Government House, (no less), and had a lot of complements on I might add.

A silver slip dress that I normally wear at weekends - add a blazer and heels and it's tidy enough for work, swap to a denim jacket for going out that night.

A black and white paisley sundress I bought in Santorini years ago and had forgotten about.​



By reorganising my wardrobe, (January Blog), and committing to wear something different from it every day, I really did give it a new lease of life and enjoyed the fresh looks and combinations I was able to achieve without spending a cent.

It was a great way to weed out anything that wasn't working, if I couldn't bring myself to wear it, (even after a lot of thought around what it would work with), it needed to go - usually it was either uncomfortable, didn't suit my personal style or just didn't make me feel good - which is In my opinion the whole purpose of clothes, (apart from the obvious).

As I mentioned previously,I am lucky enough to have a lot of clothes and the things that don't date among them I have kept for years because I believe all clothes should be treated equal and looked after with the utmost care so, my next blog will be:

​"How to look after your clothes to make them last".

Meantime check out my archives or follow me on social media for fashion and style fun, tips, ideas and (I hope) inspiration.


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