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How to Find Your Personal Style

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

"Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself". - Nina Garcia


​We all have a unique personal style or "style personality" and defining yours has a whole load of benefits:

  • Clarity and inspiration creating outfits, (yes getting dressed is creative!), and, wearing your existing clothes in fresh ways

  • Saving time, money and guilt on buying things you'll never wear

  • Feeling confident and empowered, (see above quote), as you do you every day

  • Actually having fun with your clothes and knowing what trends to add to keep it current

You're probably unclear on your personal style if:

  • You have lots of clothes but nothing to wear

  • You are unsure which styles and trends suit you and you lifestyle

  • You find it difficult putting outfits together

  • You're uninspired when it comes to clothes

  • You wonder why an outfit looks amazing on a friend but doesn't work on you


This fun exercise will give you clarity on your style so you can wear things with confidence knowing they are an extension of your personality and therefore really work for and suit you and your lifestyle.

Here we go :

Look at the adjectives below and jot down those that resonate with you and how you want to feel from the inside out. Add your own if you like.You could create a Pinterest board or file of images you love to help, or go old school with a scissors and magazine. This is not about copying, it's a way to get inspiration and you will be doing your unique version.

Classic Natural On trend Put together Funky Sporty Bohemian

Elegant Minimalist Creative Urban Sleek Bold Colourful Earthy

Rock chic Artistic Timeless Chic Fun loving Whimsical Retro

Powerful Down to earth Avante garde Preppy Parisian Feminine

Quirky Street Tailored Relaxed Casual Polished Modern

Don't limit your aesthetic, we all have different moods and activities our style needs to cater to, but choose 4 to 6 that inspire and even excite you. These are your style words. It's time for you to embody them and wear them your way.


Now you are clear on your style aesthetics you can put together new outfits from your existing wardrobe, (I'm a big believer in this and this is how I work). You're sure to already own lots of items that reflect your style and having clarity will give you a fresh way of looking at them. Shop with your words to make better choices and avoid mistakes. Most importantly of all have fun with your clothes and see them for the form of self expression and personal empowerment that they are!

A word on trends:

Personal style is in no way built from trends, however, they are a great tool for enhancing your style by adding interest, a playful element and keeping your looks current.

Look out for my next blog in December : "How to op shop the savvy way"

Sometimes our style personality doesn't match whats in the shops, or frankly, our budget.

Although not everyone's thing, buying second hand can be a great way of finding original items to fill the gaps while shopping sustainably, saving money and often supporting charity.

If you found this article useful follow me on social media for sartorial tips and inspiration, read my monthly blogs or if you need help with anything fashion, style or wardrobe related call me to book a 1/2 hour complimentary assessment.

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