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5 Easy Ways to Layer Your Clothes for Autumn

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Autumn can be a tricky time getting dressed as the temperature fluctuates - a lot! It's not quite time to pull out the big guns - ie full on winter woolies and coats - so you need a wardrobe solution to take you through the next few weeks that's practical, comfortable and still adheres to your personal style - (if you're not sure what this is find out here: new-post-coming-december-1st.html),- then layering is the answer. If the thought of layering brings up pictures of the Michelin man or random, mismatched outfits think again -with a bit of thought and creativity you can roll comfortably with days that vary by almost ten degrees by layering some of your summer wardrobe. Why:

  • To be comfortable throughout autumn and not too hot, (donning your full on winter woolies), or too cold (getting about in your flimsies and hoping for the best).

  • To be creative, adding a new dimension to your newly organised wardrobe, (see Jan blog),​and keeping your look fresh and interesting in the interim season.

  • To prolong wearing some of your summer pieces before they're tucked away for the long haul.

  • So you don't your winters out too early and be tired of them by the time it's actual winter.


  • Put away your really high summer items - beach or sun dresses and super light fabrics can look incongruous if paired with layers.

  • Pull out some fine knits, (merinos are ideal), cotton tees (long or short sleeve), jackets and blazers. Also dig out some tights, scarves, and boots and shoes from wherever they've been stored away for the winter.

Five simple ideas:

  1. Dresses and skirts - add tights and and boots, a knit and/or a blazer or jacket . Keep a pair of sandals in your bag, or at work and if things heat up during the day remove a layer or 2, swap the tights and boots for sandals, (or just the boots), if things heat up midday.

  2. Wear dresses or skirts over trousers - this trend, popular in the nineties is back on board, (not that it ever left for some of us because when executed well it's pretty timeless). Wear cigarette pants or a flare under your dress or skirt and then balance the look with a knit and/or blazer on top. This works really well with: wrap dresses or skirts, tunics, or sheath style dresses. For an elegant twist a gilet, (long waistcoat) instead of a jacket works well.

  3. Wear tees under slip or camisole dresses or tops or jumpsuits: depending on the neckline, a long or short sleeve tee or merino will create a warm layer along with some colour contrast then add a knit and/or blazer for the outer layer.

  4. Play with lengths: Cropped knits: look great over a longer top or shirt and long line cardigans can work with a shorter dress or skirt.

  5. Scarves: really come in to their own in layering because there are so many ways to wear them and they're a great addition of texture, colour and contrast, and warmth.

For more ideas : follow me on social media where I'll be posting more ideas for layering throughout April to keep you inspired, (and temperate). Conclusion: Layering is a creative way to utilise your summer wardrobe for longer, can be easily added and removed as the temperature dictates, and, is a great way of playing with colours, textures and shapes. So what's not like? Have fun with it and I'd love to know how you get on! Message me with any questions about this or any other wardrobe issues or call to book a complimentary 1/2 hour assessment via phone/zoom or phone call. For more style and fashion inspiration follow me on social media and keep an eye out for my next blog on " How to make colour work for you".

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