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Diane Shaw     Personal Stylist     Wellington
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Illustration by Megan Hess

"Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day"               Bill Blass

This is my favourite fashion quote ever and is so true!   We all have those go to outfits that make us feel confident and empowered for the day, get us compliments and put a spring in our step.  How would you like to feel like that every day?  On any occasion?  Without spending a fortune?   

That's where I come in.

If you're ready to find your style direction, remove the confusion and save time and money on clothes, contact me to see how we can work together.     

Diane Shaw

How can a Personal Stylist Help Me? 

I'm a qualified Image Consultant and love using my years of experience and expertise in fashion and styling to inspire and empower you to own your personal style.  So you get excited about getting dressed every day (yip even on Mondays).


A typical consultation includes: 

  • A style deep dive to work out your style personality and colours, shapes and trends that work for you

  • Creating fresh outfits and looks from your existing wardrobe (or starting again if that's what you want)

  • Uncovering the gaps in your wardrobe (the few things that will add maximum value)

  • Shopping to fill the gaps (optional - some people prefer to do this bit alone - I get it! In that case I'll steer you to the shops that suit you and your new found style). 

Personal Style Consultations are guaranteed to be be fun, non judgemental, full of fashion and style tips and tricks specific to you, your lifestyle and your budget, to find out more about how it works click here.

Check out my reviews on my client love page or read the testimonials from clients  on Google or Facebook who love attesting to this.  

Not ready to go there yet?  No problem - follow my blog and social media for fashion and style insights, ideas and inspiration.

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